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The next nights, Sarah becomes a book regarding John stating he’s in the city and you will desires look for her

The next nights, Sarah becomes a book regarding John stating he’s in the city and you will desires look for her

They plan an event throughout the playground. She texts Mark saying that John has returned in town. Not familiar so you’re able to the girl, es, checks out the text and concerns stop John. John and you may Sarah mention its dating, as well as how she’s struggling with the entire situation, and you can conveys the woman desire to have John to make themselves in and you may tell the police he isn’t a terrorist. She candidates you to definitely John are cheat for her with Half a dozen whenever the guy will not simply take the lady that have him. She becomes texts out-of Mark caution one to their father is actually upcoming on her behalf and you will John. When John asks who’s messaging, Sarah states it is the woman friend Emily. Sam happens and you will informs John which they will be log off. FBI and also the police descend to them and stop John and you can Sam. Sarah is taken away and you may interrogated for three circumstances in the local cops channel.

Mogadorian Simply take [ ]

Draw selections the lady right up whenever the woman is finally freed. She informs that Agents Walker, Noto, and you will some body entitled Purdy interrogated the lady and got aside this lady cell phone. She states that this woman is not meant to get off town and she’s with the No Travel list. She says that they detained John and Sam and you may believes they is actually their fault. Draw informs you to his dad see his text message away from her that will be how cops realized one to John are right back around. He apologizes so you can this lady. She claims the FBI is actually most likely enjoying the girl and she should have warned John. Draw shares his concept that John are kept throughout the Dumont FBI studio. Sarah wants to wade here and identify herself however, Draw refuses. He states they don’t be able to hold John for long and you can reassures this lady towards the fact that Half dozen is still totally free and will need to conserve John. Mark drops the lady regarding at the girl house. She lies in order to her mothers saying that she is actually aside early in the day her curfew and had involved in the John Smith’s arrest. You to same night she will get a message off escaped of Dumont.

The following Saturday she and is why mommy, figuring she have viewed some thing. No one is household as well as get a hold of evidence of the fight regarding yard. She observes a vehicle idling later on. She and you will Draw push away as the vehicles chases him or her. The car narrowly misses hitting the truck. Sarah believes anyone who try riding the car merely wanted to scare him or her away. It protect against to college. One to exact same evening Sarah happens destroyed. She cannot return home of school.

Detainment inside the Dulce [ ]

Sarah was pulled attentive of the FBI, who will be coping with the Mogadorians, who are supplying them with guns in exchange for the assist query the newest Garde. Sarah was tortured for pointers that is compelled to tell them what you she knows. 1 day Setrakus Ra check outs their and you will turns himself with the John playing with their fantastic cane. Sarah tries to strike your, but Ra attacks the girl first, damaging the lady. At any given time, Sam is placed when you look at the a cell with her just before are taken away to several other part of the feet. After that, Six are tossed on the mobile along with her. Half a dozen says to the woman you to she saw Setrakus Ra changes towards the woman. Sarah states she got experienced it prior to and you will asks whether John is secure. She states they parted means and you can asks whether it try the girl which assisted FBI bring John. She says it was not their. Half a dozen amenities Sarah from the telling her a story on czy bookofmatches działa the John and her as kids regarding the motorboat. Walker involves the fresh new cell and you may prospects her off to challenge Setrakus Ra while you are Sarah are remaining by yourself on phone.

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