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The two feel the usual boss-and-worker dating

The two feel the usual boss-and-worker dating

Maou is actually a highly amicable and you will beneficial much better than Chiho, hence perplexed and you may surprised Emi to start with. He plus calls this lady ‘Chi-chan’, signifying its closeness together. Inside the experience which have Lucifer, she gained experience with Ente Isla and additionally Maou’s correct label.

Chiho possess an extremely apparent crush into Maou, but he has got yet , to resolve the girl thoughts even after the lady confession. When Maou asked the woman just how she considered regarding the associating that have a great Devil Lord for example him, Chiho reported that she’d getting sleeping if the she said she failed to notice, but she currently had thinking to have your in advance of she realized regarding that fact, and you may would like to choose to stop preference your by herself. Maou is actually amazed upon the woman challenging confession, nevertheless when the guy tried to answer, they certainly were interrupted.

On the white book, Maou stated that the guy does not want Chiho to obtain people better to help you him than simply she already is because he’s afraid she will rating harm. He or she is as well as against a romantic problem that have Chiho since he is unable to mature and you will ages, and you will Maou was scared that in case he could be together he’s going to never be in a position to surpass the woman standard. Exactly as the guy know the fresh new flaw in the thinking, his thoughts were interrupted by the his employer, Mayumi Kisaki.

Miki Shiba [ ]

Their landlady, which insists towards which have Maou consider the girl as Miki-ti. Their exposure somehow intimidates him, plus Ashiya and Urushihara. She seemingly have a sense of Ente Isla, since she has expertise in Sonar in addition to Idea Hook. Although not, the reasons behind this lady understanding continue to be not familiar.

Mayumi Kisaki [ ]

Their workplace in the MgRonald’s. Maou is seen become scared from the woman often times, however, Kisaki seems through to your as a capable worker that will be in a position to entrust him on the obligation from managing the newest restaurant in her absence.

Hanzo Urushihara [ ]

Lucifer is actually a fallen angel and another of one’s Demon Lord’s generals. Immediately following being beaten of the Maou in The japanese, the guy moved in the with Maou and you may Ashiya to hide him away from the police that assist browse magical supply with his internet degree. He usually uses Maou’s currency unwisely to your shopping on the net features triggered Ashiya of several fears with the home finances. Regardless of this, Maou cannot appear to head, dealing with him similar to he always had. not there had been nevertheless exclusions, depending on how far Lucifier choose to go.

Suzuno Kamazuki [ ]

Suzuno try in the first place meant to spy and you can assassinate brand new Devil Queen underneath the instructions of your Church. However, that have spent date together with entourage and in the end getting protected from escort reviews Palm Bay the your, she realizes that Sadao is no longer the brand new villain he was previously once the way of living on the planet and you will gets a trusting friend and you can friend. She begins to question exactly what she got told about the Demon King back into Ente Isla since the she becomes all the more confident your persona you to definitely she observes for the Japan are their true identity. Maou afterwards appoints the lady, Chiho, and you may Emi since Devil Generals to change the 2 have been slain in the intrusion off Ente Isla.

Regarding the 9th number of the brand new white book while traveling together towards the Ente Isla to save Emi, she requires their confession regarding as to the reasons he invaded Ente Isla. She says to your you to due to his actions since the a person and you may Chiho, she sooner thought that the fresh new Maou she sees within the Japan keeps always been his real personality right from the start even after their denial out of things like his question having Emi. When you are listing that cause he had never spoken upwards on it actually was because no one had requested, he tells their the outcome about brand new invasion; having demons feeding with the negative attitude and Maou’s unification of your devil realm that have got rid of him or her, the entire devil competition carry out invariably died out until they found another type of supply of sustenance. Whenever she brought up the people believed that Maou had created into the exterminating mankind, he responses you to definitely doing so is unwelcome and purpose was just to cause worry therefore the demons you will endure and you can he would govern each other people and demons. The guy opens and you will informs Suzuno which he had purchased his generals to simply destroy individuals who resisted and you may accept brand new stop trying of these have been prepared to, even though as confirmed by the Maou’s reputation in the Ente Isla, not absolutely all used his instructions. He tells her precisely why the guy envies human beings is because off restaurants, that your humans’ dependence on they means that it works together and not only strive and eliminate each other particularly exactly how lifestyle was a student in the new devil realm. Suzuno knows that Maou had not wanted to assault the newest human beings, however, had to bother making a choice between them otherwise his very own someone, while a master, the option try non-dubious. She believes Maou are a really good person and you can are a only Queen, however, the guy refutes they. He tells Suzuno that he was an idiot and you will caused suffering to the individuals and you can demons similar. Brand new sin he seems he’s in order to happen is where he added a lot of their individuals who experienced in the him on the deaths. The newest confession almost prospects Suzuno in order to confessing the girl ideas so you’re able to Maou, however, she ends up by herself in the history minute off admiration getting Chiho. She thinks you to definitely Maou is give Emi everything that he advised her, believing it would boost their relationships when the Emi understood exactly how Maou really believed about the battle. Maou refuses and you may Suzuno sadly realizes that he or she is not wanting accomplish whilst a discipline so you’re able to himself for resulting in this lady plenty distress.

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