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This is exactly a sealed types of a similar dactyl on the dated dactyl alphabet

This is exactly a sealed types of a similar dactyl on the dated dactyl alphabet

The newest four fingers that have a lengthy thumb is bringing in the newest changed C facing off

This new hand faces leftover, the center while the directory fingertips try introducing the top of region of one’s grapheme “b”, once the other fingers try closed-in a fist promoting a dactyl of a close sound.

Brand new palm is up against leftover

That is an alternative style of the fresh new dactyl “b” – the fresh finalized form. New palm are up against leftover, the brand new four fingers is curved a small in addition to flash touches the middle an element of the list little finger. The dactyl copies the brand new handwriting version of the same page “b” from the Georgian alphabet.

So it dactyl enjoys a closed mode copying the associated letter “g” throughout the modern Georgian alphabet. The brand new hand was facing leftover, the latest list hand was curved and you will raised upwards. The guts digit, ring-finger additionally the absolutely nothing fingertips are rounded together together with flash touches the guts hand forming the new hit bottom O.

Which dactyl keeps a sealed function partially duplicating an equivalent letter “d” regarding Georgian alphabet. This new hand was facing off, the new index finger while the flash is prolonged, the middle thumb using its greatest is actually touching the big (nail) of the list fist, the fresh ring finger together with little hands try rounded.

It dactyl possess an open function duplicating a similar page “e” from the Georgian alphabet. The fresh hand are against remaining the new hands was curved inside the C.

So it dactyl possess an open means duplicating new corresponding page “v” on Georgian alphabet. The fresh palm try facing remaining new flash and also the index fingers was adding the newest changed C, once the almost every other hands is actually curved, starting an unbarred circle.

So it dactyl has actually a closed means duplicating a similar letter “z” on the Georgian alphabet. The center thumb, brand new ring finger while the little fingertips is rounded together and the thumb joins the center hand producing a closed network; the new index thumb is actually curved holding the middle a portion of the center finger, generating some other faster finalized network.

This dactyl have a close means duplicating the new associated letter “t” in the Georgian alphabet. New palm is against kept and down. New list finger try curved together with thumb meets they, because the most other fingers is curved when you look at the a finger. That it dactyl is registered on Russian dactyl alphabet as the an excellent particular Georgian dactyl therefore kept they in our the latest alphabet, whilst repeats the different Mkherduli and you can partly Asomtavruli because the really.

So it dactyl enjoys an open function duplicating an identical page “i” from the Georgian alphabet. This new palm was up against down. Nevertheless when i caused deaf anybody we found that which dactyl isn’t very easy to make and this tends to be tough to make use of this dactyl within the proficient communications. I for this reason put up several other adaptation for this page:

This dactyl copies the fresh handwriting style of a similar page “i” about Georgian alphabet. The new directory hand was stretched exhibiting the newest lateral line, one other hands are bent from inside the a thumb and the hand try facing your body.

That it dactyl provides a shut form partially copying a similar page “k'” throughout the old Georgian alphabet Asomtavruli. The fresh thumb is lengthened and most other fingers are bent into the a finger. At the same time that it dactyl sources the word “k’argi”- an effective and this is an equivalent signal (towards the phrase “good”) in a number of signal languages.

This dactyl is not a sealed one. The fresh Tysk vakre kvinner new palm are facing leftover, the latest thumb plus the list finger try presenting the altered C, the center fist, the newest ring finger and the absolutely nothing hands are prolonged – like the about three bins of the released “l” on Georgian alphabet, partly copying they.

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